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Mary Mulholland


Here you can find out a bit about me, forthcoming readings and events, 

and some places I've been published, competitions

You can also find links to my pamphlets, their reviews and to The Alchemy Spoon, which I co-founded and co-edit, and the poetry platform, Red Door Poets, which I founded and co-run. 

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29 November

reading with Red Door Poets at Milton Keynes Poetry Festival (also live on Zoom)


29 October

Mary will interview Glyn Maxwell as part of the Red Door Poets Opening the Door series. Live on zoom

tickets (free) from

25 June

RED DOOR POETS with special guests; my guest was Clare Shaw

31 May Zoom launch of Demspey & Windle Anthology

25 May Zoom with Contextual (Ian Gouge)

21 May: Live at Torriano House. N London

30 April: Red Door Poets with Special Guests. My guest was Moniza Alvi

18 April, Live at The Harrison,

23 April: Launch of All About Our Fathers

with Vasiliki Albedo and Simon Maddrell

27 April: Explore York: Finding the Words  Zoom Online | |@YorkLibrariesUK

30 April: Zoom Reading with Red Door Poets

26 March: Desert Island Poets on Zoom

recorded events

July 25 2022 Launch of What the sheep taught me, published by Live Canon, The Bedford, Balham, 2022

Jan 30, 2022, Launch of All About Our Mothers (Nine Pens) with Vasiliki Albedo and SImon Maddrell


of me:

May 1, 23, 2022,  Bloomsbury Radio (Victoria in Verse)

March 2022  Twitter (Thomas Whyte @poetryminiQ)

by me:

Red Door Poet Interview series

Mary Mulholland interviews Glyn Maxwell, 29 October, 2023

Red Door Poet Interview series:

Mary Mulholland interviews Fiona Benson, Sept 3, 2022

Benson 2 - SD

Mary Mulholland's The Alchemy Spoon interviews ( 

Kathryn Maris

Wayne Holloway-Smith

Pascale Petit

Roy McFarlane

Malika Booker

Geroge Szirtes

Caroline Bird

Liz Berry

Ian McMillan

Jean & Martha Sprackland

Mark Waldron

LINKS to Mary Mulholland readings

ENDORSEMENTS for Mary Mulholland's poetry

Rebecca Goss

'Mary Mulholland is an accomplished poet, consistently producing rich and varied work. Unafraid to experiment, her poems kindle a range of emotional responses, and we are always left stirred by something original.  Dedicated, engaged and inspiring, it has been a pleasure to work with Mary.'  

Daljit Nagra:

'Mary Mulholland is an exciting fresh voice on the poetry scene whose playfulness and wit is matched by a joyous intellect that is ever alert to personal and political issues, and who happens to be a superb reader of her work!'

Roy McFarlane:

'Mary Mulholland writes with a rich alchemy of words, turn of phrases, precise and clear with a sense of vulnerability under the surface on subjects of womanhood, family, nature, place and many more subjects.’



'the grandmothers' in bath magg; 'elegy to a pencil' in Lighthouse 88; 'Invisible Ink', Stand; 'Off Lindisfarne' in Finished Creatures; 'Inner Octopus', Raceme; 'Hymn to Sheep' in The Rialto; 'viburnum' Drawn to the light, 'How to measure a fly life' Fenland Poetry Journal, autumn, 2022, 'what the spiders showed me' Fenland Poetry Journal, autumn 2022, 'white' 14 Magazine, autumn, 2022; 'Peepholes' London Grip, summer 2022; 'It smells of warm  cabbage' Dust issue 8, 'Diana and her Piano' Lighthouse, June 2022 'Airborne' Friday Poem, June 25, 2022 'Stilling Time' in Marble 11, 'Kiss', in London Grip, March 2022;  'My red shoes lead me home' Ink Drinkers, autumn 2021;  'Christmas Eve in Paris' MIR online Dec 2021; 'playing with snakes' Orbis 197, autumn, 2021; 'stop!', Orbis 197, 2021; 'Scent' Marble 10, Oct 2021; 'Misreading the blueprint'  Write Across London Poetry Map'Let me tell you about love', Snakeskin, May 2021;'Kaieteur' in London Grip, Apr 2021; 'The Art of Daydreaming' in Poetry News, Mar 2021;  'What would I see in a portrait of me' in AMBIT 242;  'Silent Majority' in Finished Creatures; 'Diptych', in Aesthetica's CW anthology 2021, 'Lamb Sandwiches' in Arc Poetry Journal, 'Still Life' in Winchester Prize's un-seaming the tendon,  'A Short History of Frankincense' in Amethyst Review,  'Who is She Who Comes' in Amethyst Review; 'Pointing North' in the Poetry Health Service; 'D is for Change' in Under the Radar; 'Madness of Crowds' in the Fenland Poetry Journal, 2020; 'Muse' and 'Berlin Break' in Cadena Magica 'The Tasmanian Spider is a Good Mother like You' in The High Window, 2020; 'Twenty Seven' in The High Window, 2020; 'By Any Name' in The High Window, 2020 The Making of Dreams in Blue Nib Poetry Journal, 2020; 'Restocking after the Breakin Blue Nib 2020; 'Bluebeard's Cousin' Ink Sweat and Tears  2019; 'The General's Widow' and 'The Chemistry of Tears' in Momaya 'Masks' Poetry Review, 2019;  'Moth-wings' in Bridges Journal, 2018; 'Breton Girl Spinning' in Sentinel Quarterly Poetry Journal 2016


'O Womb' Arachne Press

'All or Nothing Girl' Dempsey & WIndle Anthology, 2023;

'Heading to the Swamps' in Candlestick Press 'I Love You'; 'The time I saw my father cry' in Borders and Belonging, Cephalo Press

'After carving leftover turkey' Living With Other People, Corrupted Poets, Dec 2022; 'the beginnings and endings of fairytales', 'After my doctor said I'd never have children' and 'Tawi Attair, Oman' in in-spire, anthology of poems with breath in them by Fragmented Voices; 'Ghost Gum' Ver Anthology, 2022, 'Mother of Cities' Binstead/ South Downs Anthology  Dempsey and Windle's What Next anthology, 2020; Coldweather Anthology,2018, 2019; Metaphor for Women, 2015; Bridges Anthology, 2018, 2019; Poetry from Tate Modern, 2010, 2011.


23 April 2023 launch of:
All About Our Fathers, in collaboration with Simon Maddrell and Vasiliki Albedo (Nine Pens)


Thresholdsan anthology by Red Door Poets, Clayhanger Press, 2022

What the sheep taught me, Live Canon, July 2022

All About Our Mothers, in collaboration with Simon Maddrell and Vasiliki Albedo, published by Nine Pens, 2022


What the sheep taught me

All About Our Mothers


The Alchemy Spoon issue 6 (Diana Cant)


The Kilim Bride and Other Stories, 2017, 2020; ‘Lordywens’ in Mechanical Institute Review 9, 2012; ‘River Chants’ in Decongested Tales, 2011; ‘The Threshold Guardian’ in The Writers Hub, 2011;   ‘The Tale of Vérité’ in The Writers Hub, 2012 


first prize

IAmInPrint, Winchester prize 2022;

Poetry News Members' 'Lucid Dreaming' competition, 2021, 

Poetry News Members 'Vision' competition, 2020;

Momaya International Poetry Competition, 2019

2nd & 3rd prizes

Sentinel Literary Quarterly Autumn 2021

3rd Prize (equal)

Wolves Lit Festival Competition  2023

Teignmouth (2023)

4th prize

Kent & Sussex, 2022

highly commended

The Rialto Nature and Place 2022;

AMBIT 2021


Poets Rrattlers Pandemonialists 2023 

Ware Poets, 2023

Ver Poets, 2023

South Downs Poetry Prize 2023

Coast to Coast to Coast 2023;

South Downs Poetry Prize, 2022

Hippocrates Open, 2022; Aesthetica, 2022 and 2020, Winchester, 2020; Artlyst, 2020; Momaya, 2019; Sentinel, 2016


Plough Prize, 2023

Bedford poetry prize 2023

Fish Prize 2023

Verve Poetry Publishing Collection, 2022; LiveCanon Single Poem Compeition, 2021, Live Canon Pamphlet Competition 2021, 20, Trim 2020, Buzzwords, 2020; Plough, 2020; Bridport, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018; Wasafiri New Writing Prize, 2011


AUB, 2023;

National Poetry Competition 2022;

Rialto Nature and Place Prize 2023

Bedford prize 2023

Fish prize 2023

Paper Swans Pamphlet Prize, 2022.

Bridport, 2022, Mono 2022, Bedford Prize (2) 2021; AUB, 2021; Live Canon single poem 2021; Fish (2), 2021; Segora, 2020; Acumen, 2020; Torbay Poetry Prize, 2018; Primers 1, 2016; Mslexia 'Memoir' competition, 2014

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Red Door Poets

Red Door Poets was set up in 2015.

We are a group of prize-winning

poets who meet weekly, on zoom / live in London and give public readings  on Zoom with Special Guests.

Check out Red Door Poets on Facebook 

Tweet @reddoorpoets

Instagram #reddoorpoets


​Hanne Busck-Nielsen

Tom Cunliffe

Neil Douglas

Beatriz Echeverri

Katie Griffiths

Chris Hardy

Mary Mulholland

Gillie Robic 

Lesley Sharpe

Live Reading by the Red Door Poets at CAA London, March 7, reading from their pamphlet, Thresholds, published by Clayhanger Press

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